Our Program

The Children's karate program consists of traditional karate, games, gross motor skills activities, strength and agility training that are fun and build the strength and confidence.  The program helps to build respect, self discipline, self control and concentration through structured teaching, games and group games.  Children's traditional karate classes are split into 5 groups that are taught at different times throughout the week.  This enables Sensei Brett and other instructors to focus on the skills needed for that level in smaller class sizes allowing better focus for students.


As children progress in their karate journey students are provided an opportunity to compete in Victorian Karate League (VKL) in the development division working towards elite, state and national level if they so desire.  Competing in competitions is optional and not for everybody however the option is there for those interested and is an exciting part of their karate journey. At Wado Kai Karate Mooroolbark extra sessions are provided for students wishing to participate in competitions.


Teen and Adults are split into beginner, intermediate and advanced classes so you are placed in classes suited to your ability levels.  Teen and adult classes focus on traditional karate which will help develop fitness, strength, speed, cardiovascular strength and improve overall health and confidence.  It is an opportunity to work up a sweat and build friendships.